How I improved my mobility, pain and health with osteoarthritis

I managed to improve all the above without drugs and expensive so-called cures for osteoarthritis this is not a total cure but it will help and make life more enjoyable; it could also help other forms of arthritis.

It all Started 11 Years Ago

I am now 63 but my problems started eleven years ago when my left knee just locked in the bent position while I was out walking. I just had to go onto the floor as the pain was excruciating and my leg was locked.

After several visits to the Docs I opted for private work to be carried out on my knee as there was a long waiting list (over 6 months).

I had keyhole surgery and the specialist removed some floating cartilage. When I came around from the operation, the specialist explained to me that all was OK with the procedure. Except that while he had the camera observing his work he could see a significant amount of wear and tear to the ends of my bones, as there was no slippy stuff covering my bones and I would be starting with osteoarthritis pretty soon.

Was there a cure?

The specialist explained there was no cure the choice was pain killers and a new knee.

He was dead right; I did start with the arthritis but after another three years it had spread to both knees, hips and lower back; every time it got a bit worse I was sent for more X-rays for the doctor to say 'yes it is getting worse'.

Doctor's cure: painkillers, new body parts

Well, I decided there must be something else and another way.

I visited health food stores and bought items off the internet which claimed to sort the problem but guess what, NOTHING  worked, not even a little bit - and by now I had spent loads of money.

My condition was getting worse.

All these things were happening to me

1  Difficulty getting to sleep with severe knee pain.
2  Difficulty getting dressed, especially socks and shoes.
3  Difficulty in descending stairs, I had to hang onto the bannister with one hand and support myself with my other hand on the wall.
4  Difficulty getting out of chairs and once up I had to waggle my legs to get them working.
5  Difficulty exiting the car and as above I had to jiggle my legs for a while to get them working.
6  Difficulty walking more than a few paces before having to sit.
7  Severe pain and stiffness from my lower back which gave me a sort of Quazimodo sort of stance (not very attractive).
Does anything sound familiar?

Back to the Doctors…

More visits to the Docs and even more X-rays for them to say yes it looks to be getting worse.
CURE:  Pain killers and /or new body parts

Really getting annoyed by now

I was both annoyed and frustrated by the lack of proper help except I was prescribed some vitamin D capsules as it was thought I might be deficient, but again they are not a cure but more of a preventative measure but they did try something different and supplements are not a bad idea if you don't see much sun
as our bodies convert sunshine on our skin into vitamin D. No cure there then.

So here is the good news

I did a load of research on the problem and found all sorts of things (not drugs or body parts)
All I needed now was a guinea pig to try everything on so who better than myself.
Again I found things that were advertised, you know the sort of thing: ointment, rubs which burn, obscure berries and even a knee support (very expensive) and no good.

Good News Getting Better

I selected all the the things I could find that are supposed to be good for you and all the things supposedly bad until I found a a very simple solution which costs pennies.

Not a total cure, but I am really happy with my results. Now I am leading a more normal lifestyle, not a cure but more of a lifestyle improvement.

My 2 main areas of improvement.

I can hardly believe it myself but...
1  I have hardly any pain.
2  My mobility is vastly improved.

The total benefits (the really good news)

1  I can get to sleep with ease.
2  Socks and shoes no problems
3  confident in negotiating stairs.
4  Getting out of chairs.
5  Exiting the car.
6  I can walk up to about 1/2 a mile without a stop and improving.
7  Back pain and peculiar stance gone, only a little stiffness left but I accept that as age-related anyway.

I am really happy with my progress and it is all down to a change in diet (not too drastic) and a little exercise, not quite a cure but the next best thing.

I'd like to share the benefits with you

All these benefits are available to you but unfortunately I do have to charge a small amount as I have spent years looking for a cure and I will be continuing my research into other good things for you and will cost you less than a bottle of no good berry capsules or similar.

This is a one-off payment and this is what it includes:

2  MEMBERSHIP of my forum where you can liaise with others looking for a cure like yourself and where I will update the diet or introduce other things I have found that may be useful for you.

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